You don’t simply get to say you’re not a racist

På tal om Tintin, Makode-tårtan, och nu senast Stina Wirséns Lilla Hjärtat:

”Not being racist is not some default starting position. You don’t simply get to say you’re not a racist; not being racist — or a sexist or a homophobe — is a constant, arduous process of unlearning, of being uncomfortable, of eating crow and being humbled and re-evaluating. It’s probably hard to start that process if you’ve been told that every thought you have is golden and should be given voice, and that people who are offended by what you say are hypersensitive, irrational simpletons.”

– Gene ”G.D” Demby på Postbourgie.

Jag vet inte om jag någonsin sett det så bra formulerat. Så kristallklart, så självklart. Via inseende.

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